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OffersForShoppers is the place where shoppers and customers looking for various kind of products and services keep coming to get best bargains.So if you are in a business for which these ready-to-convert users can be potential customers, then putting your advertisements on OffersForShoppers can bring huge business to you.Answer following simple questions to know whether OffersForShoppers can help your business or not.

1. Are you launching a new product and want to increase awareness about it?
2. Do you want to create a brand for your shop without spending millions on newspaper ads and billboards?
3. Do you want to reach net and mobile-savvy customers without spamming them with email and sms campaigns?
4. Are you starting a new business and want to promote it among potential local customers?
5. Is your business meant for local customers only and you don't want unnecessary advertising in whole city?

If your answer is YES for any of the above,you are at right place.There are two possible ways of using OffersForShoppers advertising platform.One, you can use our coupon-based promotions and list your offers with us free of cost.To know the details of using coupons for driving sales,click here.Two, you can display your banner ads and text-ads on OffersForShoppers with minimal investment and feel the difference.What all can you do for promoting your business with ads?
A) Display ads on homepage
It keeps your ad visible to anyone visting our site and ensures maximum visibility.We'll suggest you to use it if -
i) You want to create awareness.
ii) You want to increase brand recognition.
iii)You are coming up with a new service/product.
Charges : Rs.3000 per month
B) Display ads on offers list page
It keeps your ad visible to users browsing a particular category or a set of categories.We'll suggest you to use it if -
i) You sell products of a particular category and want to target only active customers of those category.
ii) You sell product or provide service which can be complementary to the category.
iii)You want to create a brand for your business in that category.
Charges : Rs.1500 per month

C) Display ads on offer detail page
It helps you target customers who are looking for specific products and might need your product/service subsequent to that.We'll suggest you to use it if -
i) You sell products/services which are related to product on offer.For e.g. ads for movie cd's on DVD offer page.
ii) You sell product or provide service which can be complementary to the product.For e.g. ads for ringtone download on mobile offer page.
iii)You are launching new product/service for a particular product segment.For e.g. ads for new bike service on vehicle offer page.
Charges : Rs.2000 per month

Apart from various advertising options mentioned above, we can provide many other options based on your business needs and advertising objectives.So contact us now at mukesh AT or call us now on 09886-342-596 to get a quotation for advertising campaign specially designed for you.

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